Grant Writing for Self-Governance

ANI consultants have a broad range of experiences in grant writing for federal, state and private solicitations.  In addition, our grant writing consultants frequently serve as peer reviewers for a variety of funding agencies.  This knowledge of the inside track of the grant-making process sets our grant writing consultants apart from other firms. 


ANI can provide grant writing services and support to assist your tribal government with securing funding from Self-Governance-specific initiatives, including:


Department of Health and Human Services

Indian Health Service

Office of Tribal Self-Governance Program

Planning Cooperative Agreement

Funding Announcement Number: HHS-2015-IHS-TSGP-0001

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number: 93.444




Department of Health and Human Services

Indian Health Service

Office of Tribal Self-Governance Program

Negotiation Cooperative Agreement

Funding Announcement Number: HHS-2015-IHS-TSGP-0001

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number: 93.444



Self-Governance Planning Services

Our consulting services for self-governance planning activities will provide the needed leadership, support and administration of every phase of the planning process. 


Our expert consultants have a deep understanding of the Indian Health Service budget, and can work with your tribal government to research and analyze funding distribution information to determine which PSFAs the tribe should elect to assume and expand.  Our consultants can provide many valuable services, including budget forecasting, and training and technical assistance.


Planning services offered also include a thoughtful engagement with tribal community members to inform the setting of tribal goals for health care services delivery.  ANI will develop a communication system to facilitate communication between your self-governance team and the tribal community.  Our team will engage the tribal community through facilitated community sessions, to maximize tribal input into the self-governance process.


Our consultants can lead your team through the process of approaching Indian Health Service to gather information that is needed to structure tribal strategy and budget for assuming PSFAs, and to incorporate those PSFAs into the tribe’s current programming.


To ensure successful implementation, our consultants can work with your team during the planning phase to develop and institutionalize internal management systems that will support assumed operations. 


ANI can serve as the management center for work plan development, strategic goal and objective setting, assessment of progress, and compliance and reporting.  Our consultants will drive the development of written plans of action for self-governance activities for adoption and implementation. 


Self-Governance Negotiations

Our consultants can lead your tribal government through the negotiation process with Indian Health Service.  Through careful analysis of existing planning documents, and (if needed) the development of additional planning documents, our team will prepare all required correspondence and submittals to Indian Health Service to begin the negotiations process. 


Our team understands the detailed information that is needed by the tribal government to engage in decision-making for self-governance activities.  ANI consultants will identify needed reports and information, and will request those pieces from Indian Health Service for methodical analysis within the framework of existing tribal programs and future goals.  Let our experts communicate with Indian Health Service to ensure prompt, responsive engagement in the negotiation process. 


ANI consultants can schedule, prepare, coordinate and lead a series of pre-negotiation meetings with Indian Health Service to facilitate discussions aimed at greater tribal control of health services delivery.  Through fruitful discussions, our team can assist in gathering all of the necessary information for the tribal system to make informed and meaningful decisions that will positively impact the delivery of services to the tribal community.


ANI consultants will draft your compact and MYFA (or AFA) at your direction, and will negotiate the specific points with Indian Health Service.  Through face-to-face formal negotiations, follow-up discussions, and submitting the final offer, ANI can protect tribal priorities for every aspect of achieving the tribe’s goals and objectives.  Our experts will work with your team through every step of the approval process for a final compact. 

Self-Governance Implementation

ANI consultants can work with your tribal government to ensure successful implementation and administration of assumed PSFAs.  Let us work with you to develop the system and structure for health governance.  From human resources to finance functions, our team can advise on every aspect of the infrastructure improvements that will support the tribal government’s vision for health services delivery. 


Our team can also advise on maximizing the efficiency of available funding, through Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and private insurance billing system development. 

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